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Welcome to 5K Sports Race Management, your source for race management services.  As a runner and experienced Race Director, I operate a race event management business that services in Maine, New Hampshire & Massachusetts. We are involved with over 170 events in 2021      

One of the special aspects of most races is that they usually benefit local charities and help others and my race event management business allows me to participate in a sport that I love and help other Race Directors make their events successful.

5K Sports Race Management is a local company that is based upon the belief that all races deserve to be timed professionally for a reasonable price, which leaves more money for your charity...and that is what is important.

We have been timing & managing events in New England since 1995.  Road races, cross country, Nordic skiing and swimming events.  We have been in business for 26 years!

​E-mails from races we manage and time

Great, thank you Jim.
My sons came and cheered me on last year and they keep asking if we can do

it again, they really enjoyed the race and so did I.

On the Run Half Marathon 2020

Dear Jim and Victoria,
Thanks so much for the family trophy for the Portland 5K. 

Our kids were thrilled and your thoughtfulness means so much!
See you at another race soon
The Hall family


Great Race!  My family is local and love the races your doing in Wells!  We'll participate in every race we can.  The re-route down Landhold Farm was nice - you should consider keeping that if possible.  The idea of having the post-race party on the deck next year sounds great!  
Thanks again.

Wells2Kennebunk Beach 10 Miler


I just wanted to thank you for a great race!  I drove up from Boston area with four other members of the Melrose Running Club the morning of the race.  We enjoyed everything about the day from the pre-race food, to the course, to the post-race party.  The volunteers were fantastic, especially the course marshals.  I appreciate clear directions when running. We look forward to next year and hope to get some more from our running club up for the race.

On the Run Half Marathon 

Very nice event!  The course was nice and scenic, very nicely done

On the Run Half Marathon

Hi!  Great race today!  Hope to be back next year

On the Run Half Marathon

Thanks for a well organized, excellent event.  It was fun and I even PR'd.  See you next year

On the Run Half Marathon

I have done this race twice now.  It is my favorite 1/2.  Your preparation and execution of this race are great
Awesome race!

On the Run Half Marathon

I really appreciate your support over the last 4 years of Alivia's Runs. You were huge in helping us pull the event off. 


Alivia's Run


I and our Sabattus group, want to thank you and the volunteers for the race.  We enjoyed the FLAT course, and the time of the year.  It was a good tune-up for Boston for the three of us, and on the plans of a couple others for spring marathons.  It could have been a bit less windy, but hey...


On the Run Half Marathon


Thank you so much for a great race!  I do a lot of races around New England and really enjoyed this one. I think you did all the right things!  I really enjoyed the location, ease of parking, clean bathrooms available at the start/finish and the course was gorgeous!  I was in the beginning pack and thought the course was very well marked and felt confident the whole race that I was going the right way as sometimes there wasn't anyone directly in front of me to follow.  I appreciated the police officers in certain locations and the after race pizza was perfect 


Kennebunkport 5 Miler


Good morning Jim and Victoria, I'm writing to tell you we will not be having our 5K in Skowhegan this year.  I want to Thank

you so much for your years of service and dedication to my 5K.  You both made it so easy to have a fun and exciting event.  I will always recommend you to anyone who needs a timer!


No One Fights Alone 5K Race Director

Skowhegan, ME


Such a great race, location and facilities


Kennebunkport 5 Miler


What a great race!..  I can't think of anything that needed improving.. beautiful course, beautiful area, beautifully organized!  Great job! Thank you! Definitely doing it next year


Kennebunkport 5 Miler


Thank you very much, it was a great race and moderately challenging course. 

I would not change a thing with this race.


Kennebunkport 5 Miler


Thank you for a great event!  I enjoyed the course and race atmosphere, even more , this year.  I wanted to say how much I appreciated Jim's comments before the race.  They were heartful and so appropriate for the state of our world today.  I too, thank GOD every day for the gift and blessing of running.  Thank you both for continuously delivering high-quality racing events.


On the Run Half Marathon


This was a great event!  Such a good time of the year to be in Old Orchard.  The public parking lot was very convenient also.  Course was very well marked and the girls did a great job directing runners at intersections and having water ready.


On the Run Half Marathon


I was a participant in the weekend's race and wanted to share how much I enjoyed my experience!  I enjoyed the course even though the long straightaways messed with my head towards the end.  I knew I wouldn't get lost and appreciated the simpleness of it. I loved the time markers at 5K and 10K and thought they were helpful.  The amazing police presence was also noted and appreciated.  I liked that they were constantly driving up and down the course checking on people.  The girls at the water stops were helpful and encouraging. The other runners on the course were helpful and encouraging, which you don't always have in a big race.  Having done many races in the past 5 years, I LOVED that this race was small and had a staring and ending point in a location (The Brunswick Hotel) where you could stay warm and relax and even change clothes after the race. Most of the time you finish a race and there is nowhere for you to wind down and it can be overwhelming.  The metals and race bibs were awesome and so much more that I expected  for a small race. Including the date on both is something you don't see all the time!  I also appreciated the option to not purchase a shirt to keep the costs down.  THANK YOU for this awesome race #7 Half Marathon and I will definitely participate in the future!


On the Run Half Marathon


I was a participant in today's race.  Unfortunately, I was unable to finish because I got a phone call regarding a family emergency. 

My husband was send to Maine Medical via ambulance.  I was able to get a volunteer at the corner of Seaside and Ferry Road.  She quickly called a Saco Police Officer and he was able to get me home quickly. (This volunteer was a Freeport Softball girl)

I'm happy to say everything turned out completely fine.  I wanted to reach out to you and pass along my gratitude and thanks to the volunteer that helped me.  She was wonderful and knew what to do.  The officer ( I live locally) was also supportive and helpful.

Thank you for putting together a great course today and for having fantastic volunteers.  While I didn't get to finish this year, I will definitely be back for next year's run


On the Run Half Marathon


Thank you so much for putting on this race.  Everything was great!  I have run 7 Half Marathons and this is the best.  I hope you

keep putting it on every year.  Its a great course


On the Run Half Marathon


You guys put on a great race today. THANK YOU! The size of the crowd was perfect -- large enough

to get you pumped up and keep you motivated, but still small enough that you end up knowing

some of the speed demons that place for their age group! My friends and I had a lot of fun.


Cousins Island 10 Miler



This was my first time running this race. I loved the lunch at Flatbread after. Great job!

I know a lot of work goes into planning a race.


Portland Waterfront 5K


Hi Victoria! The race on Saturday was awesome. I had such a great time.

I can't wait to do more of your races! Hope to see you soon! 


On the Run Half Marathon


I wanted to thank you for putting on such a well organized event Saturday. The course was interesting, the participants were friendly, and the hotel headquarters was very convenient. This was my sixth half marathon since September, and those races have ranged from hundreds to thousands of participants. This one was probably my favorite so far. It was exactly what I needed as I train toward more half's and a full marathon this spring and summer. Again, really great work and I hope this is the first of many On the Run half's.

On the Run Half Marathon


I thought you did a great job on this half marathon. The course was easy enough to navigate, but you had several volunteers (Thanks to all of them, too!) at intersections and turns, just in case. More than enough police traffic control/support. The pre-race food, and the post-race buffet food was more than enough. Nice finisher and awards medals, too. The crowds were a bit small, but you have no control over that. I'll be looking for this one again next March, and I'm pretty sure the rest of our group will, too.
Thanks again.

On the Run Half Marathon

Great Job!  Congratulations on the attendance. I enjoyed the course. It's very flat of course.

I think the race is unique in that it has very long straightaways.  The traffic is low this time

of year, and the surface is smooth , the roads were without the annoying "crown" that so many

marathons and half marathons can't avoid. Well done.

On the Run Half Marathon


How about chocolate milk at the finish line?  There was a lot of food

The police were awesome and the volunteers and the signs were very helpful

so no chance of missing a turn.  I liked the race and I'll be back


On the Run Half Marathon


Would like to say thanks for such a great race yesterday.  The course was absolutely

beautiful and not sure how many race organizers pulled it off there was no rain!!

All of the organizers and volunteers were friendly and helpful and made for a 

pleasant experience.  Great food and warm setting after the race.  Love the long sleeve

shirt with the American Flag on the sleeve.  See you next year


On the Run Half Marathon


Thanks for a great race!  All went smoothly very friendly and helpful!

Nice not to have to wait hours for awards.  I hope I will be there next year


Cousins Island 10 Miler


I enjoyed your race and would consider running it again in the future.  I thought

the mile markers were well displayed along the course. The 5K and 10K display 

clocks also a nice addition. Overall, the organizers and volunteers did a great job


Cousins Island 10 Miler


Thanks for a great race! We will be back!


Cousins Island 10 Miler


Awesome race, really had a great time.  It was so much fun

and I loved the metals


Cousins Island 10 Miler


Thanks so much for an awesome race!! It was really fun. I loved it!

Portland Waterfront 5K


Thank you so much for how you are at this!  I love knowing you and Vicki can handle

ANY and EVERYTHING that comes you way!

Jodie Mosher-Towle Race Director

Skowhegan 5K Run/Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research


Very nice race- good setting and good course.  Perhaps it needs to be 

advertised a little better to bring more runners.  If we are in the area 

next year we will do it again for sure!

P.J. Costa

Wells Harbor 5K


First off, I have to tell you how excited and grateful I am, that you are timing our

Cross Country Meet.  Horray!  Gone are the days of me doing it.

Kathy Jacobsen

Kennebunk High School Cross Country Coach


I want to thank you for all of your help in answering my questions and sharing your knowledge

with me about race prep in the last year 

Kathryn Marles

Race Director

Solider's Pace Canicross Race 5K


Thank you Victoria!  I had a great time working with you am already looking forward to next year

It was a quick learning curve for sure, but I definitely figured out a few things I can do differently

for next year to make it go a little smoother.  But overall, people showed up and the gun went

of so I was happy!  I have appreciated all of the help from both of you in the weeks leading up to the

race-  I hope to bother you a less next year!

Andrea Tetzlaff

Race Director

Pound the Pavement 5K 


It was a great course and great volunteers

Thanks for organizing this


Wells2Kennebunk Beach 10 Miler

Thanks for a great race yesterday - Kennebunk Beach never disappoints. 
Kennebunkport 5 Miler
Kennebunkport, Maine            
I just wanted to thank you so much for a great race this morning. The support from you and other runners, as well as the beautiful scenery, overshadowed the cold and wind to make for a memorable run. We'll absolutely be looking into more of your events in the future. Have a great evening.
You and Victoria were really great today. You were at our event early, you were organized and when I was getting my medals mixed up, Victoria came over and saved the day. When I was planning this event I was shooting for growth, but going from 86 finishers to 231 was beyound what I ever thought we would do. I planned and worried about a lot of things leading up to race day, but the actual job of timing the event and getting the results out was never one of them.            
I just want you to know, I appreciate what you both do. 
Thanks again! 
Allyson Koening
Race Director
Maine Vets 5K
Scarborough, Maine

You guys were awesome this weekend!!!  Thank you again so much for all that you both did and the advice for improving things for next year!!!!
Katie Chilles
Maine Lobster Festival 10K
Rockland, Maine

One of the women who was at the race said that you had an amazing reputation in the race world and we were lucky to have you do our race, we couldn't agree more! Thanks Jim
Sheila Twitchell
Race Director
Margaret Murphy Center for Children
Lewiston, Maine

Thank you for a great year 2 of our Cheerleader glow run! Using Running4Free online Registration helps so much!
Louella Grindle
Race Director
Blood, Sweat and Cheers 5K Glow Run/Walk
Fairfield, Maine

Thanks Jim! Great race! Thanks for working with us, you run a class act race!
Mary Ellen
Falmouth Hockey 5K
Falmouth, Maine
November 15, 2014            
Hi, I had a really great time at this event! The route was nice and beautiful and everything was very organized, not to mention, the pizza was great.
Portland Waterfront 5K
Portland, Maine
November 8, 2014






Thanks so much for the day.You guys
are terrific. It was such a pleasure 
working with you.

Katie Brown
Portland Trails
Portland, Maine


It was a pleasure to work with you  
at the race - it runs very smoothly!
The photos you took are great!

Linda Yew
Neurofibromatosis, Northeast
Burlington, MA 01803

34th Annual Bath Parks & Recreation Heritage Days 5 Miler used Running4Free again in 2013 and had a 140% increase in online registrations         


Thanks so much for timing our race. We are so happy with the services you provided. We ended up with just over 60% increase in runners. Looking forward to working with you next year.

Kelley Merryfield
Race Director
Race to the Villa
Goffstown, NH


Thanks so much for your help again on Saturday. You make everything go so smoothly and easily

Peg Hall
Race Director
BB 5k Festival
Fiskdale, MA     


I have referred several people to you and am happy to speak as a referral for you - you guys do great work.

Dan Hale
Kittery Maine Fire Association
Kittery, Maine
Jim, outstanding day! You folks did a great job. I am particularly impressed with how quickly you got the results to me. I think it is important to do the trophies asap after the race.

Nice job and see you next year!

Deputy Chief Jack Pilecki
Wellesley Police Department
Wellesley, MA

Dr. Jim Vitale, Race Director for Plasitow Old Home Days in Plasitow, NH used Running4Free for his online registrations for 2012 and had a 300% increase in onlines over 2011!

“I can’t believe the outcome, and I did not mail anything. I posted on NE Runner and you set up Coolrunning. Much less work on my end”.

Dr. Jim Vitale, Race
Director for 32 Years!

(207) 865-4501

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